Boney Finger In The Sweet Spot (zyng014)

by Eric Peter Schwartz

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Kevin Blight
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Kevin Blight A songwriting tour de force from Eric Schwartz. Just when you think you've heard it all he comes out with a heart-piercing lyric or expounds a concept that digs up the roots of your thinking. Modern songwriting at its finest that puts new life into the singer-songwriting genre and restores your faith that music can excite, captivate, and heal the soul. Music that demands attention. Favorite track: Ghosts Of Manhattan.
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Eric Peter Schwartz calls himself a "Maker of Things". He has been an actor, director, playwright, screenwriter and a comedian for thirty years. He was writing songs that entire time (the vast majority awful) but only occasionally found it in himself to perform by himself until 2013. Since then he has performed hundreds of shows and self-produced 3 albums and an E.P. He was named "2014's Songwriter of the Year" by and appeared on the nationally syndicated underground T.V. show "Steve Gadlin's STAR MAKERS". BONEY FINGER IN THE SWEET SPOT is his fourth album and he is over the moon about working with ZyNg!


released February 26, 2016



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ZyNg tapes Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

ZyNg tapes are a cassette & record label based in newcastle upon tyne, producing limited run collections of amaZyNg music & words in gorgeous colour clashed analogue.

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Track Name: Ghosts Of Manhattan
At the speed of light on Tuesday morning
someone blew a hole in me
like thieves without warning
they have come to watch me bleed
I am asking for your mercy
I am asking for your touch
today's parade has been postponed
today's the day they popped the clutch

Watching all the ghosts
stumble out of Manhattan fog
hatred caked on their skin
so the dance begins
with party guests we didn't ask in
didn't ask in

Still the same on Wednesday morning
bees are buzzing in my head
day has turned into night
brother/sister am I dead?
And out across the ocean
people are dancing in the street
this could be their final quotient
'cause this can only set us free

Watching all the ghosts
stumble out of Manhattan fog
hatred caked on their skin
so the dance begins
with party guests we didn't ask in
didn't ask in

We didn't ask you in.
Track Name: Without A Moon On Lover's Lane
Dream climb
wake up lover's town
faux ride
wake up without a moon
no cane
no hope of understanding
without a moon
on lover's lane

fat man
had a goddess to hold his hand
a feather ring
that dissipated so soon
no house on the dunes
no view with some room
on lover's lane
without a moon

But this battle ragged soldier
smoking in the rain
he drove like a madman
but he missed the train
all the same

in this time of valour
fighting words pertain
and I'll step out quietly
onto this cul-de-sac
we call
lover's lane
Track Name: Boney Finger In The Sweet Spot
Boney finger in the sweet spot
the Reaper thinks he's tickling
as he stabs and prods
pokes you in the chest as he jokes
"Listen boy," he says -
his cigarette is three inches of half-smoldering ash
dancing dangerous
between calcified, spiny fingers
"Don't concern your dustifying mind
the machinations of the wind
and madman Time are the playthings
of a greater wisdom.
A deeper hue of salvation.
A denser dark between the pieces
that build the human heart."
I could feel the dent deepen
in the plate inside my chest
as he tapped and poked
with that brittle, embattled finger
His voice was a thousand years dry
like air moving over
a cracked Arizona riverbed
like a breath across the dead
His laugh was hollow and deep
a baby in a well
The empty sockets scanned the crowd
to see if anyone was listening
other than me
Satisfied, he pulled me close
"We are all in these places, Boy.
We dream that we're above them, but we're not.
We are all down here in the places
where the whiskey makes us crazy
and the wind blows the smoke from the field
and the light on the water makes us
catch our breath
See, the reapers and the sleepers
they come down here when their
resistance is low
They sing praises to the places
they so rarely go
The glimmering places of life
where lovers melt into each other
and make Angels blush with the things they
say to each other in the dark
So keep this life
shake all the fruit from this night
Live and love and drink and dance
and kiss the things that make poets sing
Set these words on fire
and watch the sparkles of life burst and pop"
Who would have thought the Reaper a romantic
His hand curled back under the shadow
of his cloak
and he drifted like smoke
across the dance floor
disappeared into the pulses
of light
I got my whiskey topped off and
then I pulled you from that place
out here into the night
I've been watching you too long
and saying nothing
I'm going to kiss you now
Track Name: Sleeping With My Watch On
I want to be 2 A.M. and 6 drinks in
honest with you
but I'm only in town until tomorrow
I haven't got that time
I think me and you would be real good
at making each other hum
and I haven't been slapped yet
for being out of line
So what the hell
I'm going for broke
this boy's all in
let's pretend it's love
while we fall in sin

Now I'm sleeping with my watch on
'cause I don't trust the clock in this motel
I don't want to miss my chance
to pull on my pants and run like hell
take a shower, baby
when you get out I'll be gone
Doesn't mean I didn't love you last night
Just means that I need to be moving on

Excuse me, miss
could I buy you a drink
I don't want to waste
your time or mine
I don't know you well enough to respect you
but I don't disrespect you enough to lie
so I'm not going to
feed you some stupid line

There's nothing I'm offering
that's long term
but I can promise
I'll do my best to make your toes curl

Why? Why lie?
You're just as human and hungry inside
jumping through hoops and playing games
is just a waste of the night a waste of our night

I want to be 2 A.M. and 6 drinks in
honest with you
Track Name: White Gypsum & John Wayne's Ghost
They called her Evangeline
she smelled like strawberries and gasoline
she drove with the top down
across the desert on mescaline
she left college
on the day she turned nineteen
she wasn't gonna wait around
for someone else to tell her what to be

They called her Rhonda Grey
he knocked her around so she blew him away
she was arraigned and walked
it was self defense they say
she looked west
for a fresh start and a brand new day
threw a dart at a map
and then she hit the interstate

in the dusty New Mexico borderlands
they stopped in Lordsburg to fill their rides
their eyes met in the truck stop light
and that's where their stories collide

Rhonda grabbed her bags
hopped into Evangeline's car
she took a deep breath
abandoned her van behind some bar
they drove to White Sands
arms in the air, desert wind in their hands
grabbing all they could grab
brand new life from this dead land

The stars never shone as bright
as they did on the hood of the car that night
outside Alamogordo
where the desert starts to turn white
Evie turned the engine off
poured a drink and proposed a toast
to coyotes
white gypsum and John Wayne's ghost

That night in the Tularosa Basin
where Kokopelli plays his pipe
the opened their mind to the trickster god
and watched the thing ignite

But that was years ago
the desert breeze can erode the rocks
but as you know
the songs say love is stronger than stone
outside Mescalero
near the Otero County line
there's a 28 foot Airstream Empress
with a convertible parked outside
Track Name: Holes In His Kiss
Little, tiny fires
around where she's sleeping
there are tiny holes in his kiss
the fire never bother her
during daylight hours
they always seem to come to her like this

She's too afraid to ask him
where his mind is wandering
when his eyes drift away
now in the sleepy dark
she's too ashamed to touch him
because they sleep like strangers on a train

in the breaking daylight
she watches as he's waking
does he feel the holes in her kiss
he seems so far away
her young man above suspicion
how'd two lovers ever come to this?
Track Name: This Time, Inside
You say the pain ís off kilter
take a breath, step inside
tears on your lips taste like holy water
but the ornament fits the crime
this time, inside

Deep, deep spiritual damage
you can ít protect the light
so you huddle and protect the baggage
it ís your wall against the night
this time, inside

Clustered in swirling waters
the benefactors cry
they put up money against heaven ís calling
and that gives them the right
to the inside, this time

Pathetic allegations
the truth lags far behind
save what you can, the worlds collecting
there ís no place you can hide
maybe inside, you can hide
Track Name: Earth To Heaven
It's a long way from Earth to Heaven
I'm surprised I could make the drive
but I never passed it over
never let the Sun leave my eyes
It's a long way up to the altar
three dozen steps maybe four
and I tried to contain myself
as I watched you glide across the floor
and the way they circled around us
as we took our dance into the light
I hope you never regret it
I hope you had the time of your light

Maybe you and me
we could go to Santa Fe
leave the rain up in Chicago
get the sunlight on our face
we could talk all night if you want to
maybe get this family underway

My love is solid, Sweet Thing
like the hills 'round
Santa Fe